If you do not want to install any software on your server for monitoring, or (what more important) you want to use outside monitoring that works even if your own system is down, you can use this service.

You will be able to track the status of your node, delegation, redelegation, assets and their value.

You can also connect our notification system and receive notifications if your node is down, a delegation/un/redelegation has been received, a new proposal has been created.

Try it now


Here you can download a snapshot of BitCanna database.

Pruning config: custom, 100 0 10.

Last snapshot: bc_snapshot.tar.gz
Height: 10494327
Size: 10,4 Gb

How to use:

1. Download lattest snapshot:

cd .bcna && wget -O bc_snapshot.tar.gz

2. Extract archive:

tar zxf bc_snapshot.tar.gz


You can use Paranorm node RPC for seed and peer address to bootstrap your node.