Alerts for " ⚡" validator node


You can subscribe to Telegram alerts of your validator ⚡. You don't need to setup any software on your node server. This app will take care about everithing.

Your Telegram Token is: 9a56ec0fbcf22a7ae78388a5d9e3d0

How to subscribe:

1. Start BC Stats bot

Add @bc_stats_bot bot to your telegram

2. Run /subscribe command

Provide your Telegram token for BC Stats bot to subscribe to ⚡ alerts.

Use command:

/subscribe 9a56ec0fbcf22a7ae78388a5d9e3d0

2. Run /help command

You can find all setup parameters in help

What kind of alerts you can recieve?

- Node down (skipping blocks)

you can customise how many minutes node can skip blocks before alert is triggered.

- Delegation/Undelegation

If somebody delegate or undelegate to your validator, you will recieve an alert

- Proposals

You will recieve an alert if new proposal is created.